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  1. Love is a choice and you’re responsible for your choices. No one is unlovable. Love and attractions are two different thing, you can be attracted to someone but it will fade sooner than later.
  2. Your happiness, fulfillment and joy absolutely depends on you, in other words do not let anyone determine when you should be happy, Be emotionally independent. Do not invest your emotions on just anyone, remember it’s your choice and you are responsible for your choices likewise your future.
  3. People face challenges in their relationships/marriages because of too much fiction, Nollywood, Hollywood and Korean romance ( just dey play😂😂 you go explain tire, no evidence 🤣😎). Remember this people are acting on someone’s script, it’s not reality sis/bro, so wake up.
  4. Ask yourself
    Why do I want this relationship?
    Why do I want to be married?
  5. Love whom you marry, learn to operate in love in your relationships. Remember, lack of right communication destroys relationships, which brings me to this question
  6. What do you talk about in your relationships?
    Is it everyday I miss you or when are you coming to see me or have you eaten? Oya eat for me 😂
  7. Communicate your visions, discuss your dreams, plan your future.
  8. Do not make your relationship your God, Always fellowship with the holy Spirit ( very important)
  9. Do not be pushed into a relationship by the things you see. Marriage or relationship will not solve your problems, rather you will even meet more problems( if you doubt read 1st Cor 7 vs 28 NIV)
  10. No man/woman wants to marry a liability so do not make yourself one.

Remember: You are responsible for your future so take charge of it. DO NOT BE EMOTIONALLY DEPENDENT ON ANYONE, BE VERY CONSCIOUS ABOUT THAT ..God bless us all

Thanks for reading 🥰😍

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