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1.The longer a couple is together, the less likely they are to say I love you.

2.No argument in a relationship represents a serious lack of interest, couples who fight a lot really love each other.

3.People who give the best relationship advice are usually single

4.Shaking hands with your loved one can reduce physical pain, anxiety, stress and fear.

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5.People who look alike are more likely to married than those who look very different.

6.If you want to make a good impression on a girl, you only need 4 minutes to achieve that.

7.A person can fall in love more than once, with different personalities and strengths.

8.If you want to know if someone loves you, please look in her eyes. When falling In love, her pupils will expand by up to 45%.

9.Humans can hardly be “just friends” with opposite sex members.

10.Compared with women, men experience more emotional pain following a breakup

11.When two lovers stare into each other’s eyes, their heart rates synchronize

12.You’re most likely to fall in love with someone if you first meet him in a dangerous situation.

13.Unexpected or uncertain love last longer.

14.Talkative girls and silent boys are ideal partners for marriage.

Remember: Love works In different mysterious ways. Let our Hearts show the real feelings and humbly cooperate our minds ..God bless us all

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