5 things sex doesn’t do:

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1) Sex doesn’t Strengthen a Relationship.

A Relationship that is weak is weak not because there is no sex in it, but because there is no LOVE (affection, attention), COMMUNICATION and COMMITMENT in it..

“Sex is not Love”

Adequate daily Communication, giving Attention to each other (hanging out, spending time together) and showing Affection (speaking each other’s love language) for each other strengthens Relationships.

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2) Sex doesn’t Spice up a Relationship

Ndi “let’s spice our relationship with sex”

A Relationshp is boring not because of a lack of Sex, but because of a lack of purpose, fun, friendship and excitement in the individual and cooperate lives of those in it.

3) Sex doesn’t Prove Love

Ndi “if you love me, prove it”

Sex is not a way you prove your love for anyone, especially someone you’re not married to, in fact, abstinence is a better proof of love than sex.

Your ability to wait is a proof of true LOVE than your inability to wait which is rather a proof of LUST.

A Person can have sex with you and not love you.

4) Sex doesn’t Keep a Relationship

Ndi “I don’t want to lose him”

You can give him/her sex and they’ll will still dump you tomorrow, I counsel victims of this daily.

Even with good sex, MARRIAGES still break down everyday, talk less of a relationship.

What keeps a relationship is LOVE, RESPECT, CHARACTER, and COMMITMENT.

5) Sex doesn’t Prove that you’re a mature adult

Ndi “We’re matured adults, let’s do it.”

When did sex become the sign of matured adults?.

Immature and irresponsible teenagers have sex everyday, does that make them adults?

Sex doesn’t mean you’re matured, rather you prove your maturity by discipline and self control.

Dear Single in a Relationship.

Sex Has its Time

Wait, in the right season, na you go tire..

Keep sex out of your Relationship and build a solid foundation for your Marriage.
Gracias โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ

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