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1) They are comfortable in their Skin.

Black or White, they rock their looks happily.

Confident Women are very okay with their looks, tall or short, slim or fat, curvy or not, a confident Woman’s confidence comes from within, and she is thus not susceptible to or affected by body shaming..

2) They don’t doubt their Value..

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Confident Women don’t have time to spend on negativity, they RECOGNIZE their self worth and this shows in their words and actions, because of their self worth they will always be an equal partner in a Relationship, not a Silent one..

Cool right?

3) They don’t sit around over-analyzing things,

Many Women and Ladies are guilty of this habit, over-analyzing, from texts to facial expressions, to “oh my God, what did he mean by what he said” “did she just insult me or was that a compliment”

Women who are lacking in the confidence department can wind up in self created drama..
Confident Women’s lack of self doubt keeps them from getting sucked into hours of the analytical game.

4) They know how to say No.

Studies have shown that confident people aren’t afraid to say NO when something does not suit them.

What this means when it comes to Relationships is that confident Women don’t settle, and have zero fear when it comes to expressing their emotions.

5) They never lose their identity

When one is in love, it can be really easy to lose yourself in it, often in new Relationships especially, people put their lives, family, even their Relationship with God and their true identity on the back burner and devote so much of themselves to “keeping” their partner that where they end, and their partner begins becomes a blurry mess. Not confident Women.

They keep themselves as separate entities.

They are independent, yet dependent,
for them never losing sight of who they are (as kingdom women, holy, purposeful, worthy of love) what they want out of life is just as important as a Relationship.
They will therefore not be clingy, desperate, or become a door mat because of a Relationship.

6) They are not afraid to admit when they are Wrong.

It takes major guts to admit when one is wrong, confident people have no problem doing so.
Not only are confident Women not fraid to admit they messed up, they are also not scared to be called out on it, and won’t go defensive when this happens.

Confident Women welcome the chance to learn from their mistakes, and that in turn makes for a stronger and healthier way of dealing with conflict in their Relationships.

7) They walk away when they are not getting 100 percent.

They are ready to give everything in their Relationship, and expect the same..

They know what they want from a Relationship, and won’t settle..

Anything Less, they won’t beg, they will accommodate a Man’s limitations and weaknesses, Yes (they have theirs after all), they will give a Man time to change, Yes, but when it becomes obvious that the Man is not ready and willing to be better or improve for the success of the Relationship, when he won’t invest as much as is necessary emotionally and otherwise, they won’t beg, they are not afraid to say ” this ain’t working, it’s over.” .

And Confident Men?

They are not afraid of or intimidated by Confident Women



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