9 Ways To Be Polite To Your Spouse

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Many couples lack some basic courtesies needed in marriage. Rudeness, careless words, disrespect for one’s spouse, criticisms, public embarrassment do not portray politeness.

Before the wedding, most singles ensure they are courteous as they put their best partner ahead of their desires. They are consumed by the passion to make their intended spouse feel good about them. Once the ceremony is over, courtesy dwindles until mutual honour and respect is annihilated.

To show that we are polite to our spouse, thereby enjoying the miracle of politeness in marriage, we must do the following:

1 Speak politely to your spouse. The easiest way to be impolite is through our words. An impolite person uses harsh words, is unkind, full of abusive words, criticizes unjustly and finds it easy to condemn. The easiest way to be polite can still be through our words; when you speak politely, encourage, motivate, appreciate, praise, assure your spouse of your support and speak to uplift each other. Proverbs 15:23

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2 Be excited when you see your spouse.

3.Honour him or her in the public and in secret.

  1. Never report your spouse to your friends and family members.
  2. Handle him or her politely in presence of your friends, children and family.

6.Get angry politely. Even in the face of provocation, get angry without being impolite.

  1. You must not talk or act to destroy. When you are angry, express your anger in the most polite way.

7.Give attention to your spouse. It is an act of being impolite when you ignore your spouse whether at home or in public. This attitude has the capacity to kill your spouse’s morale.

  1. V.I.P your spouse. Treat your spouse as a very important personality. Give high regards to your mate, esteem him or her in your heart and in your actions.
  2. Be a privileged partner. See yourself as a very privileged person to have married your spouse.

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