GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. No matter how much a man loves you he will never love your indiscipline: Your financial indiscipline, sexual looseness, carelessness etc.
  2. No matter how stunning your look is, if your character is ungodly and unwelcoming your suitor will be unwilling to pay your bride price. Character looks good on you than cosmetics.
  3. A man always wants you to be a wife before he can take you to his home. Being a wife is more than being a sexual toy but neatness, spirituality, discipline, insight, kindness etc.
  4. Always know what you want in a man before saying YES I DO. There is no such thing as “I JUST LOVE YOU I DON’T KNOW WHY”
  5. Any man you can compromise for will find it hard to believe you after wedding. If you can offer him your virginity before wedding then you’ve traded your value. If you can’t stand for “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE” You have sold your trust after wedding.
  6. You can’t change any man because you’re not the Holy Spirit. Why will you ignore all good and spiritual brothers in fellowship, church and your group only to claim you’re attracted to a carnal, sensual and whore on the street then you want him to change? You’re very sick!
  7. You don’t look for money in a man but his manliness and the dignity of manhood in him. Be wise! Papa Zion gives you this eye opening keys.

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