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Friendship with your EX can’t continue after marriage.
If they missed you so bad they should have married you instead of dumping you.
Now that you are married, they should please step aside while you enjoy your marriage!

Some EX lovers are stubborn! They suddenly wake up, realized all the goodies they missed and start hunting for you in the name of friendship.
If you are naive, you fall for their crap, go back to soothing them and helping them where their spouses have failed. Stories abound of married people having affairs with their EX.
Adultery is the end result of that folly.

Emotions don’t die.
All the feelings you have for all your EX lovers haven’t disappeared.
They are simply surpressed.
They are there, lieing dormant silently, noiselessly until the object of the emotional attraction shows up and there is an explosion!

You suddenly discover you have hidden passion that can go haywire for an EX while still under your husband’s roof or while you are married to the best woman in the world.

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Guard your heart is what the holy book says.
You have no single business with your EX after marriage.
They made a choice not to marry you and now that you are happily married they should leave you alone and let you enjoy your marriage in peace……
Let’s share to educate others 🙏.

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