Anything disturbing your peace and Mental health is not worth it

GodGift Ifunanya
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Darling, before you sleep tonight just in case both your mind and heart are suffocating from unwanted thoughts because of letting go of people that once give you the reason to smile while promising that he/she will be there until you reached your dreams.

I want to tell you that the process might hurt you countless times and only the pillow will know how much tears you cried every night but if it’s destroying you then it’s not love.

You’re allowed to terminate toxic relationships even though it last for months or years as long as it’s disturbing your inner peace and ruining your mental health then it’s not worth fighting and reminiscing for.

I want to remind you that it’s okay to lose things, it’s okay to lose people the only thing that is not okay is when you try to hold on too tight to wrong people and lose yourself in the process while torn between holding on or giving up.

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Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that makes you question your worth.

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