Because power just left North,you are calling for stoppage to rotational arrangement_ Vatsa tells northern group

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In a recent report , Hon. Jonathan Vatsa, a former commissioner for Information, Culture, and Tourism, as well as a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Niger state, has provided counsel to a northern sociopolitical group advocating for an end to the rotational presidency system in Nigeria, which has been a cornerstone since the nation’s return to democracy in 1999. Vatsa dismissed the group’s position as “daydreaming” and stressed that the rotational arrangement must remain intact until every region has had its due turn.

Directly addressing the group, Vatsa underscored that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, representing the southwest, is slated to complete his two terms in office, after which it will be the Southeast’s turn to assume the presidency. He cautioned against disrupting the established rotational system, warning that such actions could precipitate anarchy.

He said: “because power just left the north you are now calling for a stoppage to the rotational arrangements, the call is an invitation to anarchy.”

Having previously served as the publicity secretary of the APC, Vatsa reiterated the significance of maintaining the rotational presidency until each region has had an equitable opportunity to lead. He stressed that altering the arrangement prematurely would be unjust and could potentially disrupt the country’s political stability.

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In response to the group’s plea to end the rotational presidency, Vatsa emphasized the importance of continuity and fairness in the political process. He urged stakeholders to honor the existing system and suggested revisiting the issue of presidency rotation after President Tinubu’s term concludes.

Vatsa’s statement comes in light of the Arewa New Agenda (ANA) group’s declaration opposing the rotational presidency, citing President Tinubu’s remarks regarding his potential candidacy for the 2023 elections.

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