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The Commonwealth Society of Nigeria (CSN) has named the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Betta Edu, as its anti-corruption hero and ambassador. 

The group said Betta was selected owing to her zero tolerance for sharp practice as well as her uncompromising and resolute approach to governance as demonstrated in the last six months. 

According to a statement signed by its Country Director, Prince Musa Abutu, the group noted that corruption remains a major stumbling block to the progress of Africa’s biggest economy. 

While admitting that President Bola Tinubu has demonstrated the will to buck the trend, Abutu said Betta Edu has given Nigerians hope with her honesty, transparency, and accountability so far. 

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He added that Edu has divulged the rot in the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA) which is now being investigated for corruption, fraud, and money laundering.

Abutu, therefore, applauded Edu for exposing over N44 billion theft that took place under watch instead of keeping quiet to benefit from the loot.

“Corruption undermines democracy and respect for human rights, impedes investment, stifles economic growth, hampers government services, and allows criminality to flourish,” the statement said. 

“Moreover, corruption often provides a foothold for our most dangerous adversaries, who exploit vulnerabilities in our systems and hurt the ability of government to deliver results for citizens, thus destroying public trust.

“We are excited that a Nigerian is standing up to end this nemesis. Betta Edu is someone like never seen – she is honest and transparent. She embodies the mantra of the current administration. 

“We believe that her eagle eye exposed the corruption in her ministry. Edu must have meticulously scrutinised the expenditure of public funds by all the agencies under her watch and discovered discrepancies.

“We salute her bravery, not minding if her detractors will fight back. As we have seen, they are already at work with their cheap blackmail against her. For us, Edu is a champion already.

“She could have kept quiet to benefit from over N44 billion stolen from her ministry. But she chose to speak up. That is greatness.

“We wish to appeal to President Tinubu and the security agents to protect Edu at any cost. She is a national asset. With people like her in public service, there is hope for the continent. 

“Finally, for African nations to succeed, we must treat economic security with the same urgency that we place on military security. Economic security includes shoring up the vulnerabilities created when our economies are influenced by corrupt actors.”

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