Biafrans want to exit Nigeria- Ekpa

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The leader of Biafra agitators Simon Ekpa has revealed that 98 percent of respondents in an exit poll conducted on Twitter a few days ago showed that Igbos want an exit from Nigeria and that only 2 percent voted against.

Ekpa who assured that Biafra will continue to deploy peaceful and civil means to exit Nigeria maintained that the poll was conducted by the Biafra Government in Exile (BRGIE).

In a statement signed by his chief of staff Dr. Ngozi Orabueze , “the determination of Biafrans under the leadership of PM Simon Ekpa to exit Nigeria has been reiterated in different forums. In 2023, Biafrans all over the world converged in Finland for their first Referendum Convention. The convention witnessed huge turnout and support for the exit of Biafra from Nigeria. Currently Biafrans are casting their referendum votes.”.

According to the statement, the voting will culminate in Finland October 2024 where the Redeclaration of Biafra as a Nation will occur. 

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The statement reads ,”the increased killing of Biafrans by the Nigeria government coupled with the marginalization, attacks, burning of their homes and take over of their homes and farmlands by reintegrated terrorists has increased the urge for them to exit Nigeria. The reintegration of known terrorists into the Nigeria army and police has increased insecurity in Biafra territory and other regions of Nigeria with unprecedented loss of lives of the indigenes on a regular basis. The inability of the Nigeria government to guarantee the lives, liberty and properties of the citizens has made it imperative for Biafrans to exit Nigeria”

The statement continued , “Biafrans have severally in the past and will continue to pursue all peaceful means towards their exit from Nigeria. The multidimensional problems and issues that exist in Nigeria includes dangerous diversity where Christians are now living in an Islamic state without their approval, killing of Christians, killing and kidnap of indigenes by invading and reintegrated terrorists, and invasion and takeover of indigenous homes. Other threatening problems include terrorists taxing indigenous Nigerians, different laws for different parts of Nigeria, lack of trust in the electoral process, corruption by politicians and no guarantee for lives, liberty and properties by the government.

“The above problems and more has made the recent Twitter poll result for Biafra Exit from Nigeria a critical factor to be considered in the redeclaration of Biafra this year. 

“The Twitter poll result confirms the wishes of the majority of Biafrans to exit Nigeria. It also points to the increased self-determination of Biafrans, which is protected both by international and local laws”.

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