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You will always meet ladies who are more attractive than your woman, you will meet ladies with more vibes, you will meet more informed women, and you will meet women who act as though they care more than your woman.

Also as a woman, you will meet men who are far richer than your man, you will meet men with more attractive bodies than your man, you will meet men with more vibes, you will meet men who act more caring than your spouse, you will meet men who talks better than your man;

I mean men who know how to say sweet words, and crack jokes. Etc.
Note. People must always be better than others in some areas of life.

And sometimes the people we see as being better than our spouses may not even be what we feel they are. Note. People show you what they want you to see and most of the time it is not their true self they reveal outside.

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Learn to appreciate your partner
Love your partner without any reservations.
Whenever you feel unsatisfied regarding any aspect your partner is not doing well, be willing enough to open up to him/her.

Be satisfied, please.
It takes commitment, self-control and discipline to stay faithful and believe me it is achievable.

Love is never enough, self-discipline and relentless commitment is very essential when it comes to relationship/marriage.
Stay Faithful.

One Woman Is Enough!
One Man Is Enough!

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