Cheating is very Stressful and Risky….

GodGift Ifunanya
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“You can’t post cute pictures of you and your supposed partner because others will see and get angry or report you to the real owner of the partner.

You will mute status until you get tired; you have to do some extra work to please the one you are cheating with.

Cheating is very Risky dearest…you can contract any disease or get infected with what you don’t plan for.

Please, stay out of trouble and avoid unpleasant situation.

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Why not love that someone and give them your very best ?

There is nothing beautiful in having multiple partners or involving in extra Marital affairs….

Don’t waste your youthful age with the wrong people and start looking for those who will take you in for who you are or forget about your past.

When the chips are down, only those you have stayed trusted with will go with you through the furnace of life….🥰

Happy weekend fam🙏

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