Child Prodigy Firdousi Okutepa Secures Scholarship As “ÌTÀ IGALA CONTEST” Season 2 Ends

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The ÌTÀ IGALA CONTEST, organized by Fr. Boniface Opaluwa (aka Igala Fada), has successfully concluded its second season, leaving a heartwarming mark on the Igala community.

The contest, celebrating the vibrant Igala language and culture, saw enthusiastic participation from young and old, with everyone involved declared a winner.

Speaking during the ceremony which took place at the palace of Achadu Oko Ata, in Idah, Kogi State, on Sunday, Opaluwa explained that:

“Social media is the one place where we can get the attention of the youths,” says Igala Fada, highlighting the contest’s aim to engage the future generation in preserving their heritage. He further promised exciting new programmes to come, keeping the momentum alive.

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The competition yielded three outstanding winners: Firdousi Senusi Okutepa, a young prodigy, and Omar Abdulkadir and Samson Enwubo taking the 1st and 2nd positions respectively. Joy Oseni Oma Pigba rounds up the top 3. Notably, Firdousi has already secured a full scholarship from a fan, showcasing the contest’s positive impact.

Gratitude overflows from the organizers to all contestants, supporters, and the ever-important traditional institution. The Ata Igala, HRH Mathew Opaluwa Oguche Akpá, and other beaded chiefs are acknowledged for their invaluable support.

Special appreciation is showered upon the dedicated organisers: Amb Saidat Lammie, Agih Moral Unekwu, Templeman Abraham, King Sadiq Attah Umar, and others. Their tireless efforts have kept the flame of Igala culture burning brightly.

As the curtains close on a successful season, the message is clear: “The best is yet to come.” Together, the community pledges to work for peace, progress, and unity, demonstrating the strength that lies in collective action.

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