Darling you’re more beautiful than you think

GodGift Ifunanya
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*It’s okay if nobody tells you you’re beautiful. It’s okay if nobody tells you you’re amazing. It’s just alright when nobody seems to appreciate you, but it’s not right to think that you’re not good enough. People might never notice you always but it does not mean you’re worthless❤️🫂💦.

✓.People not appreciating your face, your skin, or your figure, doesn’t make you less beautiful. Some people won’t appreciate the goodness in you beacause only those with a kind heart like you can see the real beauty within you. You might always think that there is no good about yourself but the truth is, there is no good in comparing yourself to others💦.

✓.Darling, you are way more beautiful than what you think you are. With all the tears you’ve cried, the wounds you left open, the scars you left unhealed, with all the flaws that you have, you are still beautiful. Never be ashamed of yourself and stop refusing to appreciate yourself. Embrace all your imperfections, do not feel sorry for being who you are and don’t you dare think again that you’re worthless. Please learn to love yourself, you need it more right now.💦💯❤️🥺🫂

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