Davido’s Aide, Isreal DMW, Announces Marriage Crash

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Davido’s Logistics Manager, Isreal Afeare, popularly known as Isreal DMW, has announced the end of his marriage to his wife, Sheila.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Isreal DMW revealed that Sheila left their home on August 8, 2023, despite his substantial support since their marriage.

Isreal DMW described a shift in Sheila’s behaviour after their wedding, where she sought to impose standards on him, believing she had achieved status as a prominent figure on Instagram.

He also pointed out that marrying someone from a Christian background and being a virgin did not ensure peace in his case.

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Isreal DMW said that he met Sheila in February 2022 and that they became friends, which later became intimate.

He said that Sheila told him she would only lose her virginity to the man that would marry her.

Isreal DMW said that he immediately upgraded Sheila’s situation by giving her 300k and replacing her tattered phone of less than 60k with a new iPhone 12 Pro Max of 860k in less than two weeks.

He said that he later also replaced the 12 Pro Max with a brand 14 Pro Max of 1.2m.

Isreal DMW said that he did a lot of shopping for Sheila, including buying her clothes and bags, including expensive human hairs.

Isreal DMW said that he proposed to Sheila, and she fully accepted.

Isreal DMW said that they later did a legal introduction to traditional and white weddings in Benin City.

Isreal DMW said that Sheila immediately changed by showing her authentic self after their wedding and wanting to set standards for him.

He said that she now felt she was “blown as Juju’s wife” and that she was fully verified on Instagram.

Isreal DMW said that he had earlier taken Sheila to show Davido for the first time before they wedded when they were in Abuja Transcorp Hilton.

Isreal DMW said that Davido asked Sheila straight forward if she was ready for marriage, and she fully answered by saying yes.

Isreal DMW said that Davido was fully present in Benin for his wedding, after cancelling a 140m show appearance.

Isreal DMW said that he has never raised his hands on Sheila and that he does not beat women.

Isreal DMW said that the least amount of money he gave Sheila for her upkeep was 100k.

Isreal DMW said that Sheila now wakes up to tell him that he derives dignity in begging Davido and that he is fully a slave.

Isreal DMW said that he is tired of Sheila’s behavior and that he is ending their marriage.

Source: Instagram | isrealdmw

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