Dear Ladies,

GodGift Ifunanya
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Your boyfriend is not your ATM machine or money bank.

I think is time for us to talk about how some ladies see their boyfriend as their money bank, in fact a lot of ladies think of relationship because of the financial benefits they will get from it.

And this is one of the major reasons relationship don’t las any more, same way some men look forward to enjoying a marriage benefit from a lady he’s not married to, if you are wondering why relationships don’t last anymore, these are one of the reason, relationship is now tranctional no more commitment of any kind.

Ladies want things their father or them couldn’t afford for themselves but they want a man who can afford all their fantasy expenses, ladies if you want a good life for yourself work hard for it and stop waiting for the next available man with money.

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Dating a man with money is good, do you know what is sweeter? Is you having your own money, buying things you want for yourself without depending on your boyfriend.

If you have a boyfriend who spends on you fine and good but don’t be a liability because your lazy self won’t get up and work rather than going about looking for a rich guy to spend on you and will come back to say “he does not respect me or treat me right” why won’t he when you make yourself a liability instead of an accent.

If you want a man to love and respect you, don’t be a liability rather be an inspiration and a driving force to him by working and bringing something to the table

Ladies should learn to be supportive in their relationship/marriages

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