Dear Lady

GodGift Ifunanya
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There’s nothing like Relationship Allowance.

You’re not ENTITLED to a Man’s money simply because you’re now dating him.

It is his love for you that puts you in his pocket, it’s not your right.

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If he loves you, he WILL give to You.

If he doesn’t give to you, he IS stingy.

But don’t go about it with an entitlement mentality.

You’re not yet a Man’s responsibility until you are answering his Name.

Your Father is the one responsible for you until he hands you over at the altar to the young Man you’re currently in relationship with (this is the signicance of that handing over at the altar)

2) In a relationship, giving should be MUTUAL

Giving is not for one gender.

As you are collecting, be giving, don’t be a parasite.

If you love him, you should give to him.

If you don’t, you are stingy.

When you give to your Man in a Relationship, you win his respect and love, and also earn for yourself a VOICE in the Relationship.

3) Be Financially independent

Have something you can do to earn money for yourself, let any Man in your life know you’re capable of taking care of yourself.

This way, you won’t ask a man for every single thing you need. So that when you eventually ask him, he’ll consider it a privilege self.

A Man will misbehave when he knows you can’t take care of yourself without him.

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