Demolition of houses for presidential fleet is inconsiderate project – Peter Obi

Aliya Moses
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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has described the planned demolition of about “200 houses” in the Nuwalege community of Abuja to make way for the expansion of the presidential fleet as an inconsiderate project.

Obi made this assertion in a statement via his official X handle on Friday.

The Labour Party flagbearer said he was shocked and at the same time pained by the development.

He described it as “an inconsiderate project at this critical time when the country is going through untold hardship.”

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Obi stated, “I am shocked by the recent report of the planned demolition of about 200 houses in the Nuwalege community in Abuja, to make way for the Presidential Fleet.

“I am again pained that we are embarking on such an inconsiderate project at this critical time when the country is going through untold hardship,” he said.

The former governor of Anambra State also stated that the focus should be on how to do away with the Presidential Fleet, or reduce it to the minimum, “to cut costs and save up for more critical projects to help the people, instead of demolishing people’s homes.”

Obi said instead of increasing the presidential fleet, the government should rather look for ways to reduce or eliminate costs.

He said, “We cannot continue to encourage those who have kept us suffering to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle far beyond our legitimate means. A democratically elected people-oriented government must always care for the people, above itself.

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“I, therefore, advise that we have a rethink, and most importantly, ensure that our fellow Nigerians are not rendered homeless for the sake of an unproductive presidential fleet.

No nation grows or develops by subjecting the people to avoidable inconveniences to accommodate the luxurious excesses of its rulers,” he said.

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