Don’t stop funding secondary education commission – NUT tells FG

GodGift Ifunanya
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The Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, has called on the Federal Government not to stop funding the National Senior Secondary Education Commission, NSSEC.

The Union’s Secretary-General, Dr Mike Ike-Ene, expressed the teachers’ concerns at a press briefing on Wednesday in Abuja.

“The withdrawal will pose a huge threat to the education sector.

Education stands as a cornerstone for national development. In Nigeria, NSSEC plays a pivotal role in shaping the secondary education space.

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“The NSSEC, being a creation of the National Assembly (NASS), must be funded by the Federal Government. We want the NASS to intervene and prevent the NSSEC from being financially strangled.

“NSSEC is a legal entity created by an Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria which makes it imperative to be funded by the Federal Government.

“There is no executive power or office that can abrogate the existence of an Act of NASS without first of all returning to it for legislative proceedings,” he said.

He expressed fears of dire consequences for Nigeria’s educational system if the funding was halted, noting that federal funding was crucial for educational standards, teachers training and updating of curricula.

“Without federal support, the NSSEC may struggle to bridge educational disparities between states, leading to a decline in the quality of education.

He also pointed out the challenges in the areas of infrastructure development, teacher motivation, curriculum development, educational research and innovation.

He called for careful consideration of the implications of excluding the NSSEC from federal funding, urging policymakers to prioritise the nation’s educational development and future stability.

“As Nigeria navigates through her educational course, diligent discrete consideration of the implications of such decisions are compelling.

“This is to ensure that the nation’s educational space is sustained, stabilised, reinforced, made robust, equitable and conducive for national building and in furtherance of the Renewed Hope of the Federal Government,” he said.

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