EDO 2024!! Onaiwu promises to establish PDP trust funds

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A prominent PDP aspirant for the forthcoming Edo State governorship election, Dr. Earl Osaro Onaiwu has announced a strong commitment to prioritize the welfare of the party and its members, recognizing it as a crucial component for achieving effective governance.

Drawing from his extensive experience as a dedicated party mobilizer, Dr. Onaiwu emphasises the significance of addressing the inherent challenges faced by political parties, which serve as the platform for elected officials to serve the public. In line with this vision, he has outlined the establishment of a PDP Trust Fund as a pivotal initiative aimed at ensuring the well-being of the party and its members.

Central to Dr. Onaiwu’s manifesto is the integration of party members into the fabric of governmental operations. He envisions a collaborative approach where the contributions of party faithful will play a fundamental role in shaping the policies and programs of the incoming government.

Furthermore, Dr. Onaiwu’s administration seeks to deliver expedited, world-class human and capital development to the people, with a strong focus on working in tandem with loyal party members to fortify the party’s growth and rejuvenate its standing in the political landscape. Upholding the dignity of the party and providing exemplary service to the people are paramount objectives that will define his tenure in office.

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Beyond partisan politics, Dr. Onaiwu’s commitment extends to impacting the lives of Edo people, irrespective of their party or religious affiliations, with the overarching goal of fostering positive development across the region. This inclusive approach underscores his dedication to serving as a true patriot and party man, setting him apart from those who merely exploit political vehicles for personal gain.

Dr. Onaiwu’s unwavering dedication to elevating the party, prioritizing the welfare of its members, and delivering substantial progress for the people of Edo establishes a compelling vision for a promising future under his leadership.

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