Egyptian Super Cup semi-final match decided after 34 penalty kicks

Aliya Moses
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It took 34 penalty kicks before Modern Future football club to finally beat Pyramids FC 14-13 in a nerve-shredding shootout in the Egyptian Super Cup semi-finals on Monday.

This was after the contest had ended in a 0-0 draw.

Modern Future, who will face either Al Ahly or Ceramica Cleopatra in the final match, squandered three spot kicks.

Pyramids lost the match after missing a fourth penalty kick at Abu Dhabi’s Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium.

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Pyramids defender Osama Galal wasted two penalty kicks, including the decisive one that sealed victory for Modern Future.

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It felt like the Egyptian Super Cup semi-final shootout was never-ending. But it was well short of the 54 penalty kicks taken when Washington FC beat Bedlington Terriers 25-24 last year.

That was in a local cup match in England.

A 2005 Namibian Cup match between KK Palace and Civics featured 48 penalty kicks.

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