Experience Divine Transformations This February At The Healing School Online Prayer Conference

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In today’s world, where individuals and nations alike are grappling with pain, disillusionment, and afflictions, it is clear that divine intervention and healing are needed now more than ever.

The Scriptures, without a doubt, affirm the tremendous potency of the heartfelt prayers of a passionate child of God.

Mark your calendars; the highly anticipated Healing School Online Prayer Conference is finally here and will take place from Friday the 2nd – Saturday 3rd February 2024. For 24 hours, the earth will once again become the epicenter of the glorious saving power of God as billions of saints unite to make tremendous power available for the nations and the Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, regardless of denomination, tribe or class.

Join us for a rousing time of prayer, fellowship, inspiration and unprecedented miracles at the HSOPC. Confirm your attendance today via www.myprayercloud.org/hsopc and invite others too.

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The event is designed to condense the prayer clouds with power in readiness for a release of torrential healing, salvation, and blessings for all participants of the 10th memorial edition of the largest healing crusade on earth – the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Preparations are in high gear, and expectations are soaring! Teonee DeShield, a resident of the United States, has expressed his desire to experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit. “This has been my desire since I was born again several years ago. I will receive that anointing and grace during the upcoming prayer conference”.

Pastor Deola Phillips, Director of the Healing School, stated, “We will be praying fervently towards the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. We will make power available, directing our thoughts, energies, and divine resources toward that special program. Have an expectation. With us and with God, anything is possible,” she said.

Countless testimonies abound of those who recorded sudden changes in their state and estate while praying and participating in previous editions of the prayer conference. Such was the case for Ernest Obeng Agyeman from Italy, who suffered excruciating neck pains that significantly limited his neck mobility before joining the program. He recounts,” As the Pastor was ministering to participants with health issues, I realized I could turn my neck to all sides and angles without any severe pains or discomfort. As I speak, I am completely restored. Hallelujah!

Similarly, Roger Visuwa from Zambia struggled with acid re flux and was unable to eat properly, especially in the evenings. However, immediately after participating in the Healing School Online Prayer Conference, he experienced a remarkable improvement in his condition. A thrilled Roger testifies. ” After the Conference, I ate very well, and I noticed that from that moment up till now, I haven’t felt any of the symptoms that I usually felt, and there are no more heartburns. I have received healing. Praise be to God!
These testimonies, and many more, highlight the immense power of directed prayer and its dynamic ability to bring about changes instantly in the lives of all who believe. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to experience the efficacy of prayer from the comfort of your home, office, or business by joining us online at www.prayerclouds.org/hsopc. You can also share the experience with your friends and family and witness the joy of prayer together.
Additionally, you can join the priestly chariot of saints who intercede for nations and people all year long by praying for 15 minutes daily on www.prayerclouds.org/prayernetwork Head to the website now to select a time slot and host your prayer sessions with friends, family, and invitees. Get ready to pray and enjoy refreshing showers of blessings like never before!

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