Former Chairman Of Defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni Asks Police To Arrest Estranged Lover, Adaobi For Alleged Invasion Of Property

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Adaobi Jennifer Alagwu, a female lawyer in Abuja involved in a paternity tussle with former chairman of defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni was recently invited for questioning and detained by the police for alleged trespassing and property invasion, Reporters has gathered.

Reporters had in 2023 reported how the businessman allegedly evicted the lawyer from a multimillion Naira office building he gifted her in Abuja.

The building is located at 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Abuja.

“Adaobi trespassed into the former office space Ayeni gifted her, she also allegedly made an attempt to retrieve personal belongings (an air conditioner) there, this has escalated tensions between the two parties again.

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“Her reasons for the unauthorised entry was not acceptable to Ayeni, which necessitated the report of the incidence at the Wuse 2 Police Station, Abuja. Alagwu was subsequently invited to the police station to answer to the allegations against her.

“In her response, she claimed that she never visited the property but sent one of her persons to pick up her air conditioner from the building. In the presence of the DPO, Ayeni who joined the meeting via a phone call, warned Alagwu to keep away from his property and his family.

“While this was going on, Alagwu insulted Ayeni and talked over, this made the police chief angry and he ordered that Alagwu be detained behind the counter until she calmed and displayed decorum. She was then detained for several hours,” a source said.

Another source added, “Funny enough, on her firm’s official website, the address that’s still there is the same address that she was evicted from.

“And she’s been evicted from there for months. Does this mean she’s not been actively practicing law or gainfully employed or doesn’t have a new office address that’ll make her leave the old address that she was evicted from on her website till now despite all the disgrace?”

On January 16, 2023, Reporters first published the report claiming a paternity tussle between Tunde Ayeni and the lawyer, Adaobi Alagwu.

The report delved into their alleged relationship, tracing a dating history since 2019 and connections to prominent personalities within the Abuja social sphere.

Meanwhile, the businessman had sent Adaobi a cease and desist letter warning her to keep off him and the use of his name, a letter she acknowledged and a copy was then sent to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to void any international passport presented by Adaobi and her child, bearing his name.

Declaring any such document illegitimate, Ayeni, speaking through his lawyer, Dele Adesina (SAN) established that neither the lawyer nor her daughter is entitled to the use of his name on travel documents as he has no familiar relationship with them.

He disclosed this by copying the NIS, a “Cease and Desist” legal notice he sent to the estranged lover.

The letter titled, “Withdrawal of Consent for Use of the Family Name ‘Ayeni’ With Respect To Your Daughter Omarosa” claimed that Ayeni has no blood relationship with the daughter.

It read, “We act as solicitors to Dr. J. O. Ayeni and Mrs. Abiola Ayeni both of Asokoro, F.C.T Abuja, hereinafter referred ot as ‘our clients’ and on whose firm instructions we write you this ‘CEASE and DESIST’ letter. You may recall an earlier letter we had written to you regarding the relationship between your goodself and our client dated the 30th of June 2023.

“We would like to refer to an incident that took place sometimes in the month of January this year at 36 Birao Street where you illegally entered into one of our properties formerly occupied by you of which you had surrendered possession over months prior. Your reasons for the unauthorized entry was not acceptable ot our clients which necessitated the report of the incidence which they authorized to be made at the Wuse 2 Police Station, Abuja.

“In the course of one of the conferences held at the Police station, we consider your narrative which resulted ni your aluding to your daughter with a United States Passport No: A02198826 dated 21st June, 2022 in the name of Omarosa Abimbola Ayeni as our client’s daughter to be highly disrespectful, disingenuous, and to say the least, unacceptable to our clients.

“It is surprising to learn of this remark credited to you despite the well published series of disclaimers of fatherhood by our Dr. J.O. Ayeni, you could stil dishonestly be making such an unacceptable and untruthful remarks in your desperate attempt ot confuse the unsuspecting public in respect of the fatherhood of your daughter which our Dr. J.O. Ayeni vehemently denies.

“We do not intent to speculate but wish to state that our client do not understand why you will continue this pattern of falsehood rather than dignified way of alowing the family of our clients to be in peace. Should your behavior has any connection with the good nature of our client that may have been extended to you in the past, we wish to state that it may have been as a result of the misrepresentation created by you in the past when our client did not take steps to check out facts credited to you and as such has since been withdrawn and no such gesture will ever emanate from our client to you or your daughter either now or in the future.

“We have the firm instructions of D.r J O. Ayeni to reiterate for the up tenth time his position that he is neither the biological father of your daughter nor a surrogate or adopted father of your said daughter Omarosa Abimbola and thus he will never have any relationship whatsoever with your said daughter either now nor in the future.We have our client’s further instructions ot demand the removal of our client’s family name from your daughter’s names going forward.

“Should you decide otherwise, kindly note that the maintenance of the name ‘AYENI’ amongst your daughter’s names has no bearing whatsoever to our clients or their family now and ni the future. Our clients further state that the rouse about a supposed DNA report you alluded to in the course of the conference has no bearing on them in view of the attempted fraudulent entry into the email of Mrs. Abiola Ayeni during the exercise which facts are well within your knowledge.

“Kindly take notice therefore that our client has resolved to disassociate their family name and consanguinity from your daughter from this day henceforth and as such is giving you notice that no reference or future references be made to their family name with regards ot Omarosa Abimbola. Our client shall notify the Nigerian Immigration Services about this status for record purposes in this regard.”

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