Group Hails NEDC Leadership For Addressing Humanitarian Crises in North-East

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…commends judicious use of resources

The Agenda for a New Nigeria (TANN) has applauded the leadership of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) for addressing the critical humanitarian issues in the North East.

The group, at a press conference, on Monday in Abuja outlined the giant strides of the agency in education, healthcare, infrastructure and many others.

In his address, the convener of the group, Nwogu Ndubisi, said: “The NEDC has made significant investments in education. Schools that were once destroyed by conflict have been rebuilt, and learning materials provided. Scholarships and vocational training programs have empowered young minds, giving them hope for a brighter future.

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“The NEDC has worked tirelessly to restore healthcare facilities, train medical personnel, and provide essential medicines. Maternal and child health services have improved, saving countless lives.

“The NEDC has undertaken ambitious infrastructure projects, connecting remote villages and fostering economic growth. These roads not only facilitate movement but also symbolize progress.

“The NEDC recognizes that sustainable livelihoods are crucial for long-term stability. Through skill development programs, microfinance initiatives, and agricultural support, the Commission has empowered individuals and communities to thrive. “

The group also acknowledged the efforts of the Chairman and Managing Director of the agency, Major General Paul Tarfa (rtd), and Mohammed Alkali, noting that their unwavering commitment, strategic vision, and tireless efforts have propelled the NEDC to new heights.

The group noted that the current leadership has carried out its activities with the highest level of accountability and transparency, ensuring judicious use of resources.

“TANN believes that the gains of these modest interventions are a factor in the reduction of violence and terrorism in the northeast relative to other parts of the country and consequently urges that lessons from the region be modified and applied to parts of the country that are today gripped in throes of banditry.

“We are therefore taking a moment to reflect on the journey that brought Major General Tarfa (rtd) and Mr. Alkali to their pivotal roles. Both leaders possess a deep understanding of the region’s needs, having witnessed firsthand the impact of conflict, displacement, and poverty. Their shared vision—to rebuild, rehabilitate, and uplift the region—has been the driving force behind the NEDC’s transformative work.

“They represent the collective efforts of the NEDC staff and Management team, the board members, and the resilient communities of the North East. Together, they have made us witness schools reopening, clinics bustling with activity, and roads connecting distant villages.”

The group, therefore, called for increased support and funding for the agency.

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