GodGift Ifunanya
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A lot of single women desire to attract ,date and marry good,purposeful and responsible men,but the truth of the matter is that ,good men are not fools,these guys are very wise,sceptical and well informed.They don’t just pick women in the streets or date anyone they meet,good men knows what a good woman looks like and how she behaves .

These guys investigate well and do a proper background check, even before they approach a woman or ask you out for a date .Maybe you have been wondering why you always attract bad boys or men who are not serious,well ! you might have to check your self,do a proper self introspection and see if you are a good and responsible woman too,because you are likely to attract your kind and your type.

So the easiest way to attract a good and responsible man,is for you to nurture yourself to become a good and responsible woman too.Add value upon yourself,create meaningful relationships with other women who are working hard and building their lives.Be a woman with dignity,know your self worth ,dress well and spend time in good places.Have a vision,purpose and create your own streams of income.Above all be prayerful and in the process ,a good man will locate you because you are a good wife material.

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