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  1. Delay the climax. Don’t rush so that when the orgasm comes it is intense
  2. Find out the places your spouse loves to be touched that make him/her shake with pleasure
  3. Moan in a way that is a turn on. Moaning makes the sense of sound match the sense of how sexy you look and how it feels as your bodies collide to work up a storm
  4. Avoid masturbation so that you preserve your body for your spouse to give you earthquakes. When you have gone for sometime without a climax, by the time you get it the shake is heavy
  5. When you sense your spouse is about to climax, that is the time to go harder and faster. The sweet friction will make your spouse lose control
  6. If your spouse loves your tongue on him/her, do it. The tongue when well used is a small organ but can shake the whole body
  7. If your wife can handle multiple orgasms; when she is climaxing, don’t stop – keep pumping or licking till she climaxes over and over and her body can’t handle anymore
  8. Get a bed that will not make noise so that you two can do it passionately without worrying about the neighbours or the children. The earthquake doesn’t need you to be shy
  9. If your wife likes being licked, after you lick her clitoris and she climaxes; penetrate immediately after with your hard commando. Give her clitoral and vaginal earthquakes
  10. Praise your spouse’s body and sexiness. The more confident your spouse feels about his/her body; the free your spouse feels to go up the Richter scale


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