Huge celebrations as bride passes her virginity test, gets cash gift from her husband

Aliya Moses
1 Min Read

Family breaks into celebration as a Gambian bride, Meta Mbye receives a cash gift of D28,000 (N357K) from her husband after passing her virginity test.

According to tradition, the bride had to go through a virginity test to verify that she had remained chaste until the wedding day.

The family was overjoyed as they broke into a joyful dance when the bride, Meta, passed the exam.

During Meta’s virginity test, one of her cousins, who was waiting outside, revealed that Meta’s husband had paid her more than D28,000 (N300,000 in Naira).

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The husband was so happy that was why he gave her D28,000, which was placed under her pillow,” she said

The video has caused a flurry of varied emotions from netizens, with some congratulating her on passing the exam and others calling for a stop to the test, claiming that the procedure is demeaning.

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