If you cheat on him will he leave you? – Music executive, Don Jazzy

GodGift Ifunanya
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Music executive, Don Jazzy posed an interesting question to a Nigerian lady who berated women who walk out of their marriages after finding out their husbands cheated on them. 

In a viral video, the woman argued that if the man is taking care of his wife and children, the wife shouldn’t walk away from her marriage just because he cheated. 

‘’So your husband cheated on you and that is the reason you left your home? Are you not funny? You are funny! You left your home, matrimonial home because your husband cheated on you outside, not like he brought the woman home. You didn’t see him with this woman. He didn’t do it to your face. You were the one that was monitoring him and you ‘monitored’ into his phone and you saw what your eyes are not supposed to see and you packed your things and you left.

This man is taking care of you, taking care of the kids, he shows you love but because he is cheating or he cheated on you, you packed to leave, Haba! That person that advised you to leave doesn’t like you.
Tell me your husband is beating you, leave. Tell me your husband isn’t taking care of you or the children or is not living up to his responsibility, and I will tell you run but not that he cheated on you. It doesn’t make sense. My Darling, the grass is not greener on the other side. Do not let nobody deceive you. Yes, we still have good men that will not cheat but it takes the grace of God for a man not to cheat. Have you gone outside? Have you seen these girls outside? Have you seen them?”
Reacting to her post, music executive, Don Jazzy asked if a man would leave his wife if she cheats on him.
‘’If you cheat on him, will he leave you? I’m just asking ooo”

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