If you want the Naira to rise, reduce your church activitie s- Reno Omokri 

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Reno Omokri has disagreed with clergyman, Pastor Adeboye, who on Sunday, February 4, asked Nigerians to pray harder for the Naira to appreciate against the Dollar.

Reacting via his Instagram page, Reno said Nigerians do not need to pray for what they can work towards fixing. He then asked the clergyman to reduce the activities in his church so his members could have more time to engage in more profitable ventures. 

His post reads;

Dear Pastor Adeboye,

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Thank you for your call. We love you and honour your contribution to the growth of the church. However, I again beg to differ. The Naira situation is not something we should PRAY about with all our strength. Rather, it is a situation that requires us to WORK with all our combined strengths.
Other nations with high-value currencies did not achieve that feat via prayers. They got there through hard work and sound economic policies. And many of them, like China and Japan, are non-praying, non-tithing, non-Christian nations. That is why in China, a Chinese man who was asked, ‘Do you know Christ?’ responded with, ‘No. But if you show me, I will produce a copy!’ It sounds funny, but it goes to the root of their economic success.

Prayers are for things we cannot do ourselves. If we live by the Godly principle of ‘you reap what you sow’, then we would not need to pray for things that we have not sown.
Nigeria has the largest church auditorium on Earth. The current world record holder actually broke the record set by another Nigerian church. Perhaps if we also had the world’s largest manufacturing plants instead of just the globe’s largest church auditorium, we would not be in this fix.
You have millions of members under your influence as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. If you want the Naira to rise, tell your members to switch from Airtel and MTN to Glo. Tell them to eat Dangote spaghetti and other staples. And encourage them to drive Innoson vehicles.

Then, reduce your church activities. RCCG members attend church almost daily. Pick only one or two days. And then tell your members to go to work at their jobs or businesses on the other days.
Finally, use your considerable influence to counsel your members and other Nigerians not to see the rainy season as ‘weather for two’, but instead use it to go to the farms and cultivate what we eat so that Nigeria can reduce her $5 billion annual food import bill.”

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