Kehlora Global Unveils Luxurious Organic Cocoa Butter

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By Omonu YG Nelson

Kehlora Global, a leading African agribusiness company, has announced the launch of its premium-quality organic cocoa butter. The company’s meticulous extraction technique preserves the natural richness of the cocoa beans, resulting in a product that is both luxurious and nourishing.

“At the heart of our organic cocoa butter lies a meticulous extraction technique that preserves the natural richness of the cocoa beans,” said Homto Zaida Dokpesi, Founder and CEO of Kehlora Global. “We are committed to using gentle methods that preserve the natural goodness of the butter, ensuring that every jar is packed with the highest concentration of nourishing vitamins and fatty acids.”

Kehlora Global’s cocoa beans are carefully selected from the best of African farms, renowned for their superior quality and commitment to sustainable farming practices. These farms ensure that only the finest beans are harvested, bursting with nutrients and antioxidants that benefit the skin.

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The company’s extraction process involves separating the cocoa beans from their shells, revealing the prized cocoa nibs. These nibs are then ground into a smooth, velvety paste, which is further processed to separate the cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

“Our commitment to quality and sustainability is at the core of everything we do,” said Dokpesi. “By choosing our organic cocoa butter, you not only experience the rejuvenating benefits of this luxurious ingredient but also become a part of our mission to empower African farmers and support sustainable practices.”

Each purchase of Kehlora Global’s organic cocoa butter contributes to the growth and development of local communities, fostering economic stability and preserving the African heritage that makes the product so special.

“Indulge in the essence of pure luxury with our premium-quality cocoa butter extracted with love and care from the fertile lands of Africa,” said Dokpesi. “At Kehlora Global, quality and sustainability are our watchwords.”

About Kehlora Global

Kehlora Global is a leading African agribusiness company committed to empowering African farmers, supporting sustainable practices, and producing high-quality cocoa products. The company’s mission is to create a more equitable and sustainable cocoa industry that benefits all stakeholders.

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