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For women in the dating world. You will never convince a man to love you. Find a man who answers when you call and texts back within minutes rather than days. Find a man that gives you clear cut answers and doesn’t leave you wondering where you stand. Find a man that wants to make you a part of his life rather than a chapter in his book. Find a man who doesn’t take years and years to figure out what he wants from you. Find a man who respects, celebrates and encourages your individuality, your education, your spirituality, and your growth.
Remember It is never asking too much from a man to be considered a priority. Find a man who is genuinely interested in you and pursues you on a daily basis. Find a man who asks you to go to church with him. Find a man that never let’s you go to sleep at night wondering if you still matter. Watch how a man treats his mother. You can learn alot from how someone treats the person that brought them into this world. Never chase a man because of his looks because one day those looks will eventually fade and what you left with is what’s inside so don’t be consumed by his physical traits.
Find a man who protects you and stands up for you even when you’re not around. Find a man who values you and who would never put themselves in a position to lose you. Find a man who will rather go hungry but to see you eat, a man that will denied himself to satisfy you. Find a man who wakes up everyday looking for new ways to love you. Find a man that understands it’s not about giving you the world but making you feel like you’re the only one in it.
Take my advice and remember your time is precious. Don’t waste it on someone who doesn’t value you.💦💦💯💕💕💕✍️

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