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Smart ladies don’t enter relationships with their hearts, they enter with their heads.
If you are too emotional, you will become a football in the hand of playboys!
So many ladies are broken, battered and shattered by agents of satan they call lovers because they keep their brains in their purse while entering the relationship and get burnt forever! if you give your heart to the wrong man too soon, he will shatter you and blame you for being so stupid!
Start your relationships on logic not emotion! Enter with your head not your heart. Be inquisitive. Spend the few months getting to know the guy instead of declaring the love that does not yet exist.
Know how to answer and ask questions. Never be naive with a man. Until you trust him, never tell him you love him, he will play with your emotions, get your back on the ground and tell the world you seduced him.
Godly men exist but how will you know he is godly if you don’t open your ears, eyes and brain?
Some men are scared of intelligent women, they get threatened and try to make a fool out of you! If he doesn’t respect your values and principles, quit the relationship before he quits it. Ending it first is a smart choice you will make. It helps you save face and keep your self esteem intact.
Do not compromise your standard for anybody. Raise your head, tilt your chin, stand tall and declare “I am a virtuous woman, I will not cheapen myself before any man.”
If after all the prayers, questions, inquiries and test, you discover he is the king fit for your heart, you can then slowly, gradually and wisely open your heart to him but if not, end the relationship without any apology. A little word is enough for the wise.

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