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Ladies you have to understand that when a man loves you, he will come, he will approach you but your response most times, makes a man to back off 💦

Now see it from this perspective, you as a lady, a man sees you, likes you and approach you but you might be in a relationship normal, and tell him you are not interested or sometimes, you ladies just want to be on your own, no relationship, just self love💦

Now, in the aspects of you being single not dating, you don’t care to follow up that guy, like timely, you chat with him and ask him how does he do, try to know him even though you don’t want to have a relationship, you don’t know who God has destined for you 💦

Most African ladies have this mentality, when the guy gets married or gets into a relationship, you start to wish to have him by then you now know he’s a good guy. In this aspect, I see ladies as being too proud and too pompous 💦 It’s never wrong to check up on a guy except maybe he does something bad to you and you don’t want anything to do with him 💦

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This attitude of ladies, has made many ladies go into a wrong relationship and marriages and are regretting and wishing they can go back to the guy they once knew or that approached them, but it might be too late 💦

My central point or advice is for you ladies not to neglect any guy that approach you because he might come as a funny guy or in a funny way but might be the kind of man you’ve wished for 💦

I must tell you, any guy you tell you are dating or you are not ready for a relationship, the ball shifts to your Court, because this guy will be standing pending or in a simple way, you just placed the guy on hold and he’s expecting your response which means, you as a lady have to either show him that you are interested now and with a good sign because he can easily see it as a joke, or you confess your love for him with a good reason for coming back 💦

Men want assurance, due to the kind of personality men are,✍️💕

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