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When you marry right, there won’t be any need to teach your man to treat you well, he will naturally treat you well- no stress.

He will love you like Christ loves his church because you are picked from his bone. You are him, he is you. No sane man maltreats himself. Love is effortless and blissful.

But when you marry wrong! When you pick someone else’s bone! That man will be dragged and begged over and over again to treat you right because you are not part of him, both of you are not made for each other. He will force himself to do what is not natural with him. That marriage can best be patched and managed. At worst, it will be hell on earth!

When you meet your wife, submitting to you is easy and sweet.

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Respect, admiration and adoration comes naturally.

Loving you bring s pleasure to her soul.

There wont be any need to keep reporting her to your Pastor day in day out without any change.

I have only one prayer for you today:


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