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Marriage is not an achievement, it is an assignment. When we understand this, all the razz mataz around engagement and weddings will fade as we face the stark reality staring at us.

As an assignment, it will take more from you than it will give you. The woman will depreciate in looks as she gives birth in most cases. The pleasure of sex will be impaired by the pressure and responsibility of mothering and caring for a home.

Sexy bodies and shapes will lose their appeal considerably in most cases. Not to talk of other hormonal, psychological and emotional changes that will occur.
Young lady, for which of these sacrifices are you jumping up and down excitedly when a man proposes to you?

For the man, financial pressure and responsibility will increase. Leisure time will decrease. The guilt of chasing other girls will pile and eat up your peace if you are too promiscuous to be sexually faithful to your wife.

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Unforseen “inlaw stresses” will come and nibble at your finances, personal space and peace of mind. You will be burdened with the thought of what your children will turn out to be tomorrow.

Fortunately, men are the least excited at weddings than ladies, probably they have knowledge of these realities by intuition or imagination. Sometimes, one or both partners will turn from spouses to crosses that each must carry for the rest of their lives.

I have nothing against the psychedelic and sometimes “arrangee” Peacockish proposal ceremonies, the flaunting amd brandishing of engagement rings and others. I just wish you realize immediately that it is an ASSIGNMENT, a divine assignment for that matter, and not a social ACHIEVEMENT.

“Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine, your children like shoots of olive around your table” Ps 128.

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