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  1. Marriage is for two people who would rather maintain their love than win arguments against each other
  2. Marriage is for people who know when not to speak till tempters cool
  3. Marriage is for emotionally stable people who are able to not act or say irrational things just because they feel like it
  4. Marriage is not a place for wars, settling scores and tit for tats, but a place for seeking solutions
  5. Marriage is not a place that adds to your stress but a safe haven, where you run to after a hard day
  6. Marriage is for two people who choose not to react to issues but to respond to them. Reacting is self seeking, instant and not thought through the consequences; responding is looking out for the best interest of the both of you and being prudent
  7. Marriage is a place where anger is seen as a normal human emotion but that anger gets neutralized with love so that it doesn’t become a threat
  8. Marriage is not a place for shouting matches, insults, violence and the throwing of glasses; but a place for mature conversations, mutual understanding and the willingness to learn
  9. Marriage is a place where the two prefer to talk about sensitive issues when they are both calm, not defensive
  10. Marriage is a place for constantly making up, not going to bed mad at each other
  11. Marriage is a place for exercising patience, the two don’t put pressure on each other
  12. Marriage is a place for kisses, hugs, gifts and words of affection that bring down walls
  13. Marriage is a place where pride and ego is put down and the two are caring enough to reach out to each and initiate reconciliation when they have wounded each other
  14. Marriage is a place of perspective. You don’t destroy your entire marriage that you have built all these years just because of a misunderstanding

The strongest marriages are made of husbands and wives who are peace makers. Do you love peace enough to give it to your spouse? Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called children of God.

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