Meet Adie Matthew Ushie, The Producer, fashion designer, Grooming Young Talents 

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Adie Matthew Ushie

Adie Matthew Ushie is one of the few doing exploit in discovering young talents in Abuja and it’s environs in the ever evolving world of entertainment in the area of cinematography, music and fashion.

The world may be filled with many talented beings from across different sectors and industries, but there are few that always stood out from others.

Their success can be attributed to their relentless drive and dedication and their zeal to achieve tremendous feat in the industry.

Born to a respected family  in Cross River state, during and after his primary and secondary schools, Adie has displayed passion to become a producer and a branded fashion designer.

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Coming out from secondary school, he went straight into learning things that has sharpened his mastery of his crafts.

His love for tourism has taken him across a few African countries where he has gone to meet colleagues in the entertainment industry. Adie is a lover of nature, a quiet political ideologist who believes so much in Pan Africa. 

In a recent interview with him, he said: “My aim I to take my studio, fashion labels to a a height that nobody would ever expect. I would love to take especially my designs to world stage to become the best among equal. I want to discover talents, groom them, that’s what gives me joy.

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