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Believe it or not women find it difficult to understand the reason why men love sex

  • If they want to help you, they will demand for sex.
  • If they say they love you, they want sex.
  • You mistakenly sleep over, they want sex.
  • They want to borrow money from you, they want sex.
  • They want to give you a job, they want sex.
  • They want to give you a pass in your exams, they want sex.

First of all, you need to understand the system of men. They didn’t ask for that because they didn’t create themselves.

Do you know that 95% of healthy men wake up with an erection? Did they bargain for that? No!
Do you know that the penis has a mind of its own?

A man could be reading his Bible and his penis will just stand.
A man can be sleeping and wakes up with an erection.
A man could be sleeping, once you start rubbing the penis, it stands even when he is still asleep.

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Have you ever asked yourself why men are not on periods, cramps or any bad moods? That’s how God created them.
A man is naturally always ready for sex. Rub a man on his head, he already thinks you want sex.
Wink at him, he’s already seeing you naked.
Wave at a man walking with his wife, he will loose focus.

This is nothing spiritual. It’s not about, “ln Jesus Name or Holy Ghost Fire”.

That’s why real churches do not allow ladies with short dresses to sit in front, because they will confuse the Pastor.
Men did not manufacture the high libido by themselves.

We are all created in God’s image. The only man that overcame the sexual urge according to the good book was Jesus Christ. Joseph’s own was that, he didn’t just ran away,
he fled!! Jesus is Lord and on top of that, He was very careful not to include a woman among His disciples.

So many great men have fallen because of sex. Do you think they wanted to?

Soldiers in the war front will develop the urge for sex. To show you how bad it is, so many soldiers were killed during
wars because a woman lured them inside the bush.

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