News Engineering clocks 40, mentors female engineers, others

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…launches 40/40 Initiative

Distinguished player in the electrical and construction industry, NEWS Engineering Limited, is set to celebrate its 40 years of what it described ‘exciting journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.’

During the celebration scheduled for Monday November 6 2023, the company is excited to announce the launch of its “40/40” initiative, in partnership with GOTNI Leadership Center, which, it said, would be a significant milestone which coincides with the anniversary.

The MD/CEO of NEWS Engineering Limited, Josephine Nwaeze, said on Thursday that the initiative embodied the unwavering commitment of the organization to fostering leadership excellence, particularly among the female engineers.

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According to her, the journey of NEWS Engineering Limited over the past four decades has been defined by innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in powering the world.

She said, “As we celebrate this remarkable 40-year journey, it is crucial for us to pause and reflect on the ‘why’ that has propelled us forward all these years. The ‘why’ behind our 40/40 initiative is rooted in our recognition of the pivotal role leadership plays in shaping the future of our industry and society.

“We firmly believe that by investing in the leadership development of 40 engineers, including an emphasis on empowering female engineers, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter, more sustainable future.

“Our goal with the 40/40 initiative is to nurture a cadre of engineers who will not only excel in their technical prowess but also emerge as inspiring leaders capable of steering our industry toward greater heights. We envision an inclusive, diverse, and forward-thinking engineering landscape, and this initiative is a testament to our commitment to making that vision a reality.

“As we look ahead to our 40th anniversary celebrations, NEWS Engineering Limited is more determined than ever to be a force for positive change, innovation, and empowerment. The 40/40 initiative embodies our ‘why,’ and we invite everyone to join us in celebrating this exciting journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.”

NEWS Engineering Limited is a renowned electrical and construction firm with a rich legacy spanning four decades.

Specializing in power generation and renewable energy solutions, the company has diversified into various sectors, including agriculture, real estate, renewables, consulting, and training.

Under the visionary leadership of Josephine Nwaeze, NEWS Engineering Limited had been committed to driving innovation and excellence while contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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