PSM Raises Alarm Over Increase in Fraudulent Car Dealers in Ogun State

Grace Ihesiulo
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The Pan African Students Movement, the Progressive Students Movement (PSM) Nigeria chapter, has raised an alarm over the rising number of fraudulent car dealers, particularly one by the name of Qawiyy Agunbiade Rissbash, who is using Wasak Autos to defraud people.

In a statement shared with journalists in Abuja, the President of the movement, Comrade Amb. Bestman Okereafor, said they immediately brought to the seller’s attention, Agunbiade Qawiyy Rissbash, the irregularities and requested a refund of an agreed price ! Both parties agreed that the refund would be made within two weeks, dated 21st September 2023.

The statement reads: “The attention of the leading Pan African Students Movement, the Progressive Students Movement PSM Nigeria branch, has been drawn to the questionable activities of Qawiyy Agunbiade Rissbash, who is using Wasak Autos to defraud innocent citizens.

“It became evident that the car in question was an accident vehicle purchased for $1,950, when the vehicle VIN was checked . When recently contacted about the revelation, Rissbash claimed it had an American history and that the back had been fixed before,

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“This was a revelation he never disclosed to us before the purchase Instead, he denied that it wasn’t an accident vehicle. Furthermore, he claimed it was the front of the car that had been fixed, but photographic evidence shows it was the rear.

“In light of this, we call on the security agencies to compel Agunbiade Rissbash to refund the agreed-upon amount to us urgently, or face a massive protest by Nigerian students.

“A thorough investigation into the activities and identity of Agunbiade Rissbash is warranted to ascertain whether he is involved in the purchase and sale of stolen vehicles. Several individuals have attested to his fraudulent dealings.

“We urge the public to exercise caution when dealing with individuals impersonating other reputable car dealers with the intent to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

“We may also consider involving the EFCC and other law enforcement agencies moving forward.

Upon closer inspection, it is evident that the car is a severely damaged accident vehicle, and its value is significantly lower than the price at which it was sold. 

“The fraudulent nature of Rissbash’s dealings became more apparent when the owner of Wasak Autos, who is currently in the UK, disclaimed any knowledge of the car when contacted about the complaints, stating that he had no idea where Rissbash obtained the vehicle.”

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