GodGift Ifunanya
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GOAL 1: To love you the way you perceive love to be, not the way I assume you want to be loved

GOAL 2: For us to help each other to be the best we can ever be, sharpening each other to growth. You should be a better person with me being in your life

GOAL 3: To give you the highest sexual pleasure since I expect you to be faithful to only me

GOAL 4: To never repeat the mistakes that your ex/exes did that led to your heart break

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GOAL 5: To be a true companion for life so that you never feel lonely

GOAL 6: To create a home with you where you, our children and myself will find safety, peace and refuge in

GOAL 7: To work hard and smart during our youthful and energetic years so that we live in comfort, security and fulfilment in our sunset years

GOAL 8: To help each other to fulfil purpose. We will not kill each other’s dreams

GOAL 9: To model to our children what a good marriage looks like

GOAL 10: To lead each other to God and build each other spiritually. What good is it for us to gain a marriage but lose our own soul?

GOAL 11. To leave an inheritance and a legacy worthy of following for our children’s children

GOAL 12: To stay together till death do us part. This is long-term

GOAL 13: Not to tolerate and endure marriage but enjoy marriage

GOAL 14: Not to focus on what others think or stay together because of other people’s opinion but for ourselves. It is about you and me and the value we add to each other.
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