Relevant Questions You Should Ask During Courtship that May Be seen As Not Important!

GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. Ask your proposed partner if they SNORE while sleeping😴. Don’t look at me that way, it’s not bad to snore but you’ve to know if they do, so you can prepare yourself to enjoy and endure their snoring nature forever. Romantic snoring☺😁
  2. Ask them if they observe Morning devotion, so you don’t end up praying alone or them telling you that they do their devotion in their heart or workplace. Two of you praying together should be the spiritual goal.
  3. Ask them if they can sweep, wash, cook, and iron. It might look like they can do it till you ask them and then you will know that they can’t or aren’t so good at doing it. Then you will have to be doing it ALONE. That’s stressing and unprepared of you, you know?
  4. Ask them if they prefer sleeping with the light on or off. So if you’re the opposite of them, you will start adjusting your body system to that.
  5. Ask them how they react when they are angry. Are they sensitive to jokes, etc? Woooh!! Mek person no tell you “Am I your mate?”, ‘Do you who am I!”🙄 or break plates on top of your head😒. É jo o!
  6. Ask them and make deep inquiries too to know if they are married or have been married before or probably have a child out of wedlock. So you don’t wake up one day to the biggest shock of your life and stories that keep touching the heart.
  7. Ask them how many times they eat surplus and stored food. Except you want to be cooking every day because your partner no gree eat one particular food twice abi thrice.
  8. Ask them where they start undressing after work🌝. Some partners, start from the sitting room. You will find one leg of his sock in the parlour, their bra or tie in the kitchen and their shirt or trouser on the bedroom floor.
  9. Ask them if they prefer sleeping on an arranged or scattered bed. Yes, ask oo. Some partners can comfortably sleep on a scattered bed with their dirty clothes on top and they just won’t mind 💯🙏👑

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