Same-sex marriage: Nigerian priest defends Pope Francis

Aliya Moses
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A Nigerian Catholic priest identified as Father Ugochukwu Ugwoke has defended Pope Francis after the Catholic Church head gave permission to blessing same-sex marriage.

On Monday that Pope Francis officially granted priests permission to bless same-sex and “irregular” couples, under certain circumstances.

However, the Vatican said blessings should not be part of regular Church rituals or related to civil unions or weddings.

While throwing his weight behind this development, Father Ugochukwu, via his X, formerly Twitter handle wrote on the title, ‘HAS POPE FRANCIS CHANGED THE CHURCH’S TEACHING ABOUT MARRIAGE?

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He noted that though the topic on same-sex marriage is a sensitive one, laws in are divided into three adding that the one Pope Francis can changed he has changed.

Father Ugochukwu wrote, “There has been a whole lot of confusion since the publication of Vatican Document “Fiducia supplicans” in which Pope Francis said that priests can bless same-sex couples. The confusion is quite anticipated and understandable because the topic of same-sex union is a sensitive one.

“But here is the thing. All the laws and regulations in the Catholic Church may be divided into three kinds: 1) Those that the Church has no power to change, never has changed and never will change; 2) Those that she has the authority to change, but most probably never will change; 3) Those that she can change, has changed, and may change again according to the circumstances of a given period of time.

Speaking on the first type of law, he said the there are two types of law the Catholic Church cannot change -natural moral laws and positive divine law.

The cleric said, “Under the first type of laws, there are two kinds of laws that the Catholic Church has no authority to change or tamper with in any way, that she never has changed and never will change. They are natural moral laws and positive divine laws.

A good example of natural moral laws is the Church’s teaching regarding marriage as a union between a man and a woman. As a natural moral law, this teaching is universal, unchanging, and unchangeable. Over such laws, the Catholic Church headed by the Pope, has no authority other than that of manifesting how clearly they stand out in human nature and reiterating them to the end of time. She does not consider such matters open to change/dispute or subject to the votes of a majority of the people, because God has decided these things once and for all in the act of creation.

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So, if you think that blessing of same-sex couples will lead to the eventual endorsement and approval of same-sex marriage by the Catholic Church, I want to tell you that such will never happen without the Church running into the risks of schism. Same-sex marriages are sinful and can never be approved. But then, while the Church rejects same-sex union and considers it disordered, she does not condemn same-sex couples.”

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