Say No to undefined Relationships.

GodGift Ifunanya
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He has not asked you out, but the both of you are always going out on dates, chatting, texting, holding hands lovingly like Romeo and Juliet.

He’s already calling you his baby, and you like it, but you can’t recall him asking you out to be his baby,

He gets angry when he sees you with any other guy, you now even turn down suitors because of him, but he never talk anything.

Dey play, just dey play

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Sis Ruth, see you see hot sizzling breakfast.
Bro Peter
Sis Sylvia is your bestie, you always want to be around her like Mtn network,

You guys chat late into the night and end the chat with good night love, but you’ve neither told her you love her neither have you asked her out.

You see her with a brother, and your body temperature and blood pressure will go up, but you guys are not in a Relationship oh,

This is called Wizardry.

Sis Ruth and Bro Boaz, Come out of this nonsense today.

If you have anything that resembles Relationship, but is not a Relationship, you better go and define it.

👉 What are we to each other?

👉 What are we doing?

Then draw boundaries accordingly.

An undefined Relationship is you dating yourself and assuming you’re dating someone.

It often doesn’t end well.

Before dem serve you breakfast, off the stove.

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