Secrets of lovers who don’t break up

GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. They know how to say sorry and mean it
  2. And they don’t hold on to grudges.
  3. They don’t make assumptions about their partner’s feelings – they ask.
  4. They make time for physical affection.
  5. They stand together and refuse to let outsiders call the shots.
  6. They don’t play games with each other’s heads and hearts.
  7. They keep dating and treat date night as a sacred ritual.
  8. They make daily sacrifices for each other.
  9. They refuse to play the blame game.
  10. They start as equal partners, and they stay equal.
  11. They cuddle.
  12. They regularly make important decisions together.
  13. They always kiss good night – don’t go to bed mad.
  14. They give thoughtful surprises.
  15. They always have each other’s back.

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