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In every relationship, there is a stage to ask yourself “Should I Continue”?

Because it takes absolutely nothing to fall in love. To fall in love is free but to sustain love requires “discipline and dedication”.

In a relationship or courtship there is a stage..

√ To Accept what is…
√ To let go off what is not meant to be..
√ To have faith in what will be ….

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∆ If you can’t have free conversation or dialogue, there is no need to continue..

∆ If after some years the relationship is still not looking like something that has a future, then there’s no need to continue on that journey because you’ll end up wasting more years of your life that you can’t get back.

∆ When family background, class or social status is used against you, then you need to watch it…

∆ If the love and the energy you give is not reciprocated, there’s no need to continue.

∆ If you don’t trust each other, you can’t plant the seed of love. Because love is like a ”seed” planted on a soil( Trust).. Where there’s no trust, there’s no love.

∆ If you’re not compatible, especially in reasoning and understanding, then there is no need..

∆ If two lovers can’t seat down and sort out their issues together, then what are you doing?

∆ In a relationship where you can’t express yourself, opinions and visions are not respected, you need to have a rethink whether to continue..

∆ When their words don’t match their actions, there’s no need to continue. Don’t be naive.

∆ One week, one problem, silent treatment, comparison, gas lighting, toxicity, cheating, lies, you beg for attention, no communication, bad character, physical abuse, emotional torture & manipulation in the relationship then I wonder why you still want to continue.

∆ If your relationship have not affected or impacted your life positively, in character, spiritual consciousness, social domain and success in life..
There is no need to continue.

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