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In love matters, it’s really bad to play with someone’s feelings. It means making them believe in a love that’s not real. ,💯

✓.lf you don’t plan to truly love someone, it’s important not to do things that can make them fall for you, and break their heart later.💯

✓.When you act like you love someone without really feeling it, you’re basically creating false hope; and making someone believe in a love that isn’t true can lead to expectations and dreams that aren’t strong.💯

✓.Doing things that show love when you don’t really feel it is like building a beautiful castle on sand – it’s going to fall when reality hits. The result is a broken and hurt heart.

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✓.Messing with someone’s emotions can seriously affect their mental health. When they realize the love they believed in is fake, it can cause anxiety, sadness, and make them feel less about themselves.

✓.Being a victim of emotional hurt can leave a lasting scar. It creates a lack of trust that goes beyond the current relationship. Carrying this emotional baggage may make it hard for them to trust future partners and have good relationships.💯

✓.To stop hurting people emotionally, we need to focus on being kind and honest.

✓.Before doing things that might look like real love, it’s important to think about what we really want. 💯

✓.Understanding how our actions can hurt someone emotionally helps us avoid causing unnecessary pain.💯

✓.This message is simple but important: if you don’t plan to love someone for real, don’t do things that can fool them. 💯

™.Let’s learn to use kindness and honesty in our relationships

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