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  1. Wives, stop faking your orgasms and lying that your husband sexually satisfies you. Soon you will get tired of faking. Show your husband how you want him to make love to you. A man feels good when he knows he makes his wife cum real good
  2. Husbands, stop lying to your wife that she is the one who makes you orgasm yet each time you have sex with her, you are fantasizing about porn stars, a booty socialite or other women. Stop watching porn, stop lusting after other women. To enjoy making love with your wife, keep your mind pure
  3. Stop lying to your spouse that you are OK yet you harbour resentment for him/her for a wrong done or the right he/she didn’t do. Stop wearing the plastic smile. Let your spouse know about the matter so that you two resolve it. A plastic smile cannot be worn for long
  4. Stop lying to yourself that you are a faithful husband/wife yet on your Facebook inbox and WhatsApp you are flirting with others. Stop lying to yourself that flirting, exchanging nude pictures and sexually turning on other people is just for fun, nothing serious. That is a form of unfaithfulness, focus your energy and attention on your spouse
  5. Stop lying to the public that your marriage is OK, yet you and your spouse know how messed up things between you two are. Public opinion doesn’t matter, the reality of your marriage does. Clean up your home in private and you will naturally be happy in public
  6. Stop lying to yourself that you are loving God and are right with God yet you are hateful, abusive, violent and mistreating your spouse. How can you say you love God that you don’t see yet hate and hurt the spouse you do see?
  7. Stop lying to your child/children that you are busy working so that you can stay outside home to engage in not so important acts. Your family comes first
  8. Stop pretending to your child/children that all is all between you and your spouse. Children can tell when mom and dad are not OK. Work things out, your children’s true happiness depends on it
  9. Stop lying to your spouse that you are financially stable yet you are struggling. Stop living above your means just for show. Be honest with your spouse about the state of the finances before your family jumps over a cliff
  10. Stop lying to the public that you are an honourable person, stop using your family for a show of social status yet at home you are a monster, mean, cold and heartless. Your family knows who you truly are
  11. Stop lying to your spouse about your location and saving the phone numbers of your affair mates by unsuspecting names, yet you are booking hotels and lodges for some extra-marital fun. Do not play games with your marriage
  12. Stop lying to yourself that you know it all and you are alright when your spouse corrects you, warns you about your excessive drinking, addictions and reckless behaviour. Don’t be your own worst enemy

Lies will take you no where. Stop hiding things under the carpet. No faking it in marriage. Make your marriage work. You and your spouse are entitled to enjoy the best of love and life.

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