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  1. Avoid talking tough to him. Don’t make him feel you are out to compete with him
  2. Don’t speak harsh at him and justify you do so because you are angry. In your anger, do not damage
  3. Give him room and time to talk. Don’t dominate the conversations. Dialogue, not monologue
  4. Be consistent. Don’t be the woman who speaks great things to him and the same who insults him. Your insults will cancel all the good you have spoken to him in the past
  5. Check your tone. You might be saying the right thing but with the wrong tone. Sometimes your message is not well received because of your delivery
  6. Don’t give silent treatment, it pushes him away
  7. Don’t make demands or give instructions as if you are his boss, he will switch off.
  8. Maintain warmth in your conversations, it makes him stay in the talk
  9. Talk with him things that stimulate his mind, that makes him learn; it makes him excited to talk to you. Mature talk, not drama
  10. Never make a conversation be about praising another man whilst demeaning him; be it your ex, your father, your pastor, a celebrity or friend.

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